Good News Everyone!

We love history, heroes, Miyazaki, elastic realism, and the arc of a properly epic story

Galen's a 2018 "200 word RPG" finalist!

Colin, 2018-07-01

This year Galen submitted "Blossoms Whisper, Blades Sing" to the 2018 "200 Word RPG Challenge" and is/was a finalist! You'll need to obtain a deck of hanafuda cards if you don't have one (I didn't have one) and a handful of friends (I do have friends) who'll likely still be friends at the end of the night and some kind of iron will to bend words and collect sets of cards. I mean, no promises, it's not Diplomacy or nothing, but your friends are important. Anyway, there were some really great entries this year and if anyone wants to try "Dear Elizabeth..." with me, well, you know where to find me.

GenCon 51 is coming and we're in oddly short supply

Colin Campbell, 2018-05-05

Hi friends here's the hard news, we only have 2 sessions this year at Gencon. Galen and Colin will be running one session each of "Pellikoi: From Nothing, Ashes" using our new Blades in the Dark rules. In case you'd love to join us in one of our extremely limited seats you'll find us in the events catalog under our game ids, RPG18135374 and RPG18135375. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY we wanna say hi. Come find us before, after, or during one of our session! Or just look us up on Twitter, I'm @soomdayer, Galen is the more sensibly named @GPejeau. Or use the Facebook or G+ links above.

Dark Dark News!

Colin Campbell, 2018-04-09

I won't talk about how long it's been since I've posted. Probably because it's really rather embarassing. But I'm excited this news is so exciting. Lately, we've been reading and loving John Harper's, "Blades in the Dark". A gloriously clausterphobic setting, fiction forward rules, creepy ghosts -- makes us super duper happy. I am a gaunt Whisper living off the docks above the only good cartographer. But TLDR already. Galen's been working hard hacking Pellikoi into our second system! Pellikoi has always been about stories and folklore, heroisicm and adventure. If you've always wanted to steal fire, well, so have we. ;) Check out our quickstart rules and start playing today!

Come find us at GenCon 50!

Colin Campbell, 2017-08-16

GenCon 50 starts tomorrow for us, I don't know about the other guys, but I'm still prepping like mad. But you know what? I'm really excited to GM'ing and playing with all the awesome people I meet every year at this event. Are you excited too? Wanna hang out with Galen and I? Looks like we'll be at the JW Marriott in room 206 both Thursday and Friday most of the day (8am to noon, then again 2pm to 6pm). All our events are sold out, but drop by for a free surprise if we've still got free surprises (we likely will still have free surprises). We're running 4 new stories this year, Ocean's Tears, Out of Time Island, Skyholder's Boon, and The Bloodletting.

Website Live, again for the first time

Colin Campbell, 2017-08-15

Been a long time down but now we're back. I'll be adding things as time permits, but at least we're up and running again!