Pellikoi Quickstart for Savage Worlds

Let's learn some rules! Quick warning though, still a little beta!

The Summoning
From his unstable perch, Egret begins to see through time

One options for Pellikoi, Typhoon Islands is our Savage Worlds hack. We love Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds loves playing cards, perhaps unsurprisingly, so do we. Pellikoi adds a second deck of cards that we call the "Spirit Deck." It's a standard deck of 54 playing cards that represent many of the spirits in the world around you. These cards are the heroes access to the spirit realm.

Each suit represents one of the spirit courts. Water is Clubs, Earth is Diamonds, Fire is Hearts, and Air is Spades. The face cards represent the most prominent members of a spirit court, whereas the 2s suggest calamity.

We have two ways of incorporating the cards into your Pellikoi game. For beginners, shuffle the deck and give each player 2 cards at the beginning of each gaming session. If you've played like this for a while and are used to how the cards work, we recommend a more advanced mode. Set asside a number of cards equal to the number of players that match the themes of the night's session. Then, deal just one card to each player.

Sprit Deck 5 of Hearts, the Hearth Sprit Deck 9 of Clubs, the Cold Depths Sprit Deck King of Diamonds, Mountain Sprit Deck 10 of Spades, Awe

In the course of play, the heroes may come across something they do not know how to solve. Perhaps it's a sheer cliff face that needs to be scaled, an indefatigable beast that really needs to be fatigued, but whatever the reason it might be a good time to use a spirit card. Look at the tags on your cards, these are clues to the players to help you think about the spirits you can invoke this session. To spend a card, it must be attached to a roll of some kind (which will always be with a +2), but other than that, all it costs to play is to spin a quick tale of how the interaction with the spirit will go and what the desired effect is, and then you hand the card to the game master.

Let's try an example. Say the players are honorary guests at the Crab King's tidal pool court which is a boon for the players. But let's say chaos is also afoot and there are tiny purple discordant mites infecting the other attendees with discord and general entropy. To deal with this situation, one of the players says, "I have the card for 'Jar', and would like to use her 'containment' tag in some way to handle the mites." The GM might then say, "Great idea! What kind of roll do you think that would attach to? Are you going to persuade the spirit of Jar to help you? Or maybe is this a feat of strength that you're considering? How do you see this working?" The player then responds, "I do see this as a physical activity, but maybe it's more agility based? I'd like to use my great club to create a whirlpool in the shallow water of the tidal pool to draw the mites in and then trap them with 'Jar' somehow." GM says, "That sounds great, let's roll and see what happens." The player made her roll and with the +2, ended up with a whopping 13 -- a success with 2 raises. The GM responds, "The great club smacks into the water and with your careful manipulation, the water begins to swirl and collect the discordant mites in a colorful and star centered at your feet. A concavity opens up in the worn coral and the bulk of the mites funnel in and 'Jar' irises shut the boxing spell and smooths over the floor of the King's court as if nothing had happened."